can we produce one curing oven without floor?

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    Summer Ren

    one customer let us produce one powder curing oven without floor,only 3 sides.
    But I want to know,if the oven floor is built on the ground directly and how to keep warm? Is that true?


    Ye O Powder Ctr

    Your oven bottom will act as heat sink,
    that is, obsorbing the heat produced.
    But if will also help contain the convection
    heat by deflecting it back to parts to be coated.
    Of course not as a well as an insulated metal floor.
    So, it can be done but not without an extra cost with each production run.


    Summer Ren

    it is very useful,thank you


    Erie Powder Coater

    This inquiry reminded me of our purchase of a used paint oven which needed converted to powder coating use.
    One problem was the lack of a floor in the oven.
    Eventually we added fire brick to the floor with the idea that the brick would hold heat which would radiate upwards into parts conveying thru the oven.
    This gas oven was top side pushing hot air down.
    The amount of money spent on this used oven could have purchased us a new & better oven in hindsight.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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