I'm thinking about getting into powder coating

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    I need some advice from some people already in the business. First, is it even a good idea right now? I’m in north Alabama. What kind of cost am I looking at to even get started?



    one thing you can do is contact Powder-X Coating Systems, ask for Joey Golliver.

    They specialize in start-ups. Tell him Liz at PCO said to call.


    Ye O Powder Ctr

    Lets reverse the question.
    Why should you not go into the business of powder coating?
    Don’t do it if you have no customers wanting your services.
    Don’t do it if there are too many powder coaters located in your market area.
    Finally, don’t do it if you have little interest in the art of powder coating.



    there are maybe two powder coaters around here and one I don’t think is very good, so I think there’s a market?
    I can’t be so sure how big it is.  I don’t really have any customers waiting in line for me to open a shop but I love powder coating.  I want my own business bad and I heard powder coating is relatively inexpensive to get into. I need training and I know Powder-X has training classes and there’s tons of info available. I’m going to do a lot more research but can you give me an idea of start-up costs? The money is going to make a difference whether I pursue this further or not.
    Not a big oven to start with, maybe used gun. I can sub out blasting, can’t I? ballpark?


    Erie Powder Coater

    Talk about budgets we purchased our first oven for 30 dollars in 1969.

    It was a used kitchen oven.

    We flipped it on its side in order to use door while placing it on high stand.

    Oven temperature at 500F

    served us well.  We added fan air from outside to even out the heat.

    At that time we would heat up the parts before dipping them into fluidized bed for Vinyl encapsulation.






    Hi, we are Precipitated Barium Sulphate manufacturer from China, it is raw material for powder coating,

    so if any need for it, please mail to tia@bahchem.com for more further information,

    thanks and best regards




    Fine article, you should read it, there are costs there too but you’ll have to see actually currency value since they’re in zlotys :
    You should check out that company aswell, i dunno if they’re shipping their equipment to north Alabama though.



    Thank you, Kappa.

    the article looks like it has a lot of good info. At least I can learn something maybe about the costs, just have to convert the currency.

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