Thickness of the Powder Coating

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    Mickey Lau

    I am do some research whether my item should be powder coating or not.
    my customer recently send me some sample of small piece of matel and brass. Actually is an iron lures.
    I also r&d on zinc plating.

    Now what I need to know is what is the smallest micron can be for powder coating. Which type of powder is the best for this solution.

    I prefer powder coating because of limitless color can be apply. I ask this thickness question because the item to be process have very details artwork.
    I am worry wether the powder coating will overlap the details artwork.

    Thank in advance.


    Ye O Powder Ctr

    Powder coating is normally applied
    electrostatically 2 – 5 mils.
    Can your product accept 002 to .005 inches thick
    without compromising your products reason for being?


    Summer Ren

    2-5 miles is ok,5-6 miles is also ok,it is depend on the different work is better you test it at first to check the effect and then go to produce the can paint the thickness as you like.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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