Powder Coating Cure Oven

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Powder Coating Cure Ovens
Industrial Cure Ovens

To powder coat, you will need some type of powder coating cure oven – an industrial cure oven. You need an oven that is capable of sustaining 450 degrees F and is big enough for your parts have to fit inside.  The powder coating cure oven you choose is determined by the parts you will be curing.
See this very informative article by Reliant Finishing Systems: What Size Powder Coating Oven Do You Need?
You also have to choose electric or gas powdered, batch or automated.  There are many industrial cure oven suppliers. When comparing among them, be sure you are comparing apples to apples. You can even build your own.
For lots of information on building your own cure oven, see the Powder Coating Ovens section of Powder Coaters Corner

powder coating industrial cure ovens

Industrial Cure Ovens

Toll free: 877-647-1089
Contact Us
Web site: www.boothsandovens.com


Buy prep, painting and powder coating equipment
directly from top manufacturers!


powder coating cure oven

Col-Met Engineered Finishing Solutions

Col-Met is the industry leader in Batch and Process Ovens as a result of their commitment to exceptional quality and superior performance.
With a range of ovens to choose from, each oven features innovative design and craftsmanship to meet a variety of consumer needs from small batch paint booth cure ovens to heavy equipment ovens and beyond.

For custom configurations or to design a complete powder coating system, please contact us at sales@colmetsb.com

industrial cure oven
2975 Discovery Blvd., Rockwall, TX 75032
Toll-Free: 888-452-6684  *  Email: sales@colmetsb.com

powder coating cure oven


industrial cure ovens

Buy Your Powder Coating Oven from
Worldwide Supplier of Powder Coating Equipment

COLO 2019 Powder Coating Equipment Catalogue

Email: sales@colourspray.com
Website: www.colourspray.com
Phone: 0086 13906508694


industrial cure oven
JB Finishing, Inc.

Industrial Cure Ovens
100 Brydon Drive, Unit F
Etobicoke, ON M9W 4N9 Canada
Phone: (416) 749-6168
Fax: (416) 749-2789

Email: jim@biscoefinishing.com
The FUTURE of Powder Collectors is here!

PJBF PC8000 Filter Cartridges
Powder Collector
powder coating cure ovens98% efficiency for .05 micron particles
Collect airborne powder
easy to install
Four HEPA final filters
Blower: 8200 CFM at 5″ s.p., 15HP

industrial cure oven powder coating

Powder-X Coating Systems
7404 Highway 43
Florence AL 35634
Toll Free: 888-326-4840
Contact: Joey Golliver /Owner

Email: main@powderx.com
Website: www.powder-x.com

The leader in the powder coating industry,
Powder-X Coating Systems is your #1 source for all your
powder coating cure oven and other equipment and training needs.


powder coating ovenReliant Finishing Systems
Industrial Cure Ovens

2541 Highway 67 South
Somerville, AL 35670Phone: (256) 355-9000
Fax: (256) 355-9021Email: info@reliantfinishingsystems.com
Website: www.reliantfinishingsystems.com

U.S. Manufacturers of High-Performance
Equipment for Powder Coating, Waterborne,
and Conventional Wet Paint

cure oven powder coating


New & Used…
Powder Coat Equipment
Powder Coat Guns
Washers-Batch & Multi Stage
Powder Coating Cure Ovens, Dry off, Burn off Ovens
Spray Booths-Wet & Dry

See the current list of Slocum used equipment here

powder coat oven
18608 Park Grove Lane
Dallas, TX 75287
Toll free direct: 1-888-402-9993
Fax: 877-249-9192
Email: equipmentsales@sprayboothsupplies.com
Website: www.SprayBoothSupplies.com

SprayBoothSupplies.com has a large inventory of gas and electric powder coating ovens at everyday low prices.
Free premium control panel upgrade on all powder ovens;
Free crating on all gas batch ovens

powder coating cure oven

Powder coating Oven Suppliers 

Asia Sourcing Corp .comoven caster wheels
Steel Caster Wheels for cure ovens.
610 Monroe Avenue
Memphis, TN 38103
Phone: (901) 647-2464
Fax: (901) 521-1700


Blasdel Enterprises, Inc.high velocity aireconvection cure oven
High velocity air convection ovens- recirculate air at high velocities to remove solvents and water from coatings and accelerate the cure.

495 West McKee Street
Greensburg, IN 47240
Toll free:  800-661-3213


Catalytic Industrial Systemspowder coating oven
Combination infrared and convection cure ovens – “the best of both worlds”. T
he infrared portion of the oven gels or sets the powder coating, which accelerates the cure ahead of the convection soak portion that completes the cure.
713 N. 20th Street
Independence, KS 67301
Toll Free: 800-835-0557



Col-Met Engineered Finishing Solutionspowder coating cure oven
The industry leader in batch and process ovens. With a range of powder coating ovens to choose from, each oven features innovative design and craftsmanship to meet a variety of consumer needs from small batch paint booth cure ovens to heavy equipment ovens.
2975 Discovery Blvd.
Rockwall, TX 75032
Toll Free: 888-452-6684
Read the PCO post about Col-Met Engineered Finishing Systems


Combustion & Systems, Inc.powder coating industrial cure oven
Industry leader in custom design, manufacturing  and installation of  cure ovens. Call us before you buy used!
116 North Walnut Street
Rising Sun, IN 47040
Phone:  (812) 308-1046


David Weisman, LLC powder cure oven
Manufactures industrial hot air convection cure ovens and combination infrared/convection powder coating ovens

30 Mill Valley Lane
Stamford, CT 06903
Phone: (203) 322-9978
Fax: (909) 498-9406


Davron Technologies powder coat oven
Rugged powder coating ovens made in America.  Our powder coating cure ovens are robust and provide unmatched airflow distribution throughout the oven chamber. The airflow distribution system ensures a tight temperature tolerance throughout the entire heated chamber.
4563 Pinnacle Lane
Chattanooga, TN 37415
Toll free: 888-263-2673
Phone: (423) 870-1888


Engineered Finishing Systemspowder coating cure oven
Design and build a full selection of dry-off ovens, curing ovens and dehumidification systems. Configured to ensure uniform curing, our custom-designed systems deliver the highest quality coating finish.
390 East Congress Parkway, Suite J
Crystal Lake, IL 60014
Phone: (815) 893-6090
Fax: (815) 893-6888


The Fab Shoppowder ovens
Manufactures powder coating ovens and is operated by a Father/Son team.  You’ll appreciate the craftsmanship.

206 Sewell Street
Welcome, MN 56181
Phone: (507) 728-8550


Fostoria Process Equipment
Producing innovative, industry leading electric infrared and convection process ovens for industrial and commercial markets.  Featuring our Unique Modular Design . batch powder coat oven

1200 N. Main St.
Fostoria, OH 44830
Phone:   (423) 477-4131
Toll free:  800-495-4525



GAT-General Automatic Transfer Co.powder coating convection cure oven
Our convection cure oven utilizes indirect air impingement along with heated air to cure the part thus assuring uniform heat transfer and virtually eleminating “Cold spots” and thermal stratification and resulting in even heat top-to-bottom throughout the oven.

100 Larkin Williams Ind. Ct.
St. Louis, MO 63026
Phone: (636) 343-6370
Fax: (636) 343-6972


The Grieve Corporation
Industrial cure ovens available in wide range of designs for your powder coating application.
500 Hart Road
Round Lake, IL 60073
Phone: (847) 546-8225
Fax: (847) 546-9210


Heraeus Noblelight America LLCpowder coating cure oven
High Efficiency Process Heating Redefined! We manufacture natural gas or propane fired industrial catalytic infrared heaters, dry off ovens, finishing ovens and powder coating ovens that emit infrared heat through a safe, flame-less heater technology producing a uniform low intensity heat.
1520 Broadmoor Blvd, Suite C
Buford, GA 30518
Phone: (678) 8356207


HAS Makina Kimyacure oven
Manufacture of powder coating cure ovens.
Onstanbul, Turkey
Phone: 00905321775803
Fax: 00902124857355




Heat-Pro™ by LEWCObatch powder coat cure oven
A complete line of quality industrial ovens: walk-in ovens, cabinet, bench, baking, conveyor and electric ovens for powder curing, drying and heat-treating applications powered by steam, electric, gas or thermal fluid heat.

706 Lane Street
Sandusky, OH 44870
Phone: (419) 625-4014
Fax: (419) 625-3981


Herr Industrial, Inc.industrial cure oven
Custom designed convection cure ovens.

Convection ovens use fan pressure, as well as natural convective force, to circulate heated air within an insulated enclosure. Typically gas fired, convection ovens can be direct-fired or indirect-fired.
Toll free: (800) 700-HERR



Hix Thermatrol
Customized industrial conveyor ovens and drying systems

1201 E 27th TER
Pittsburg, KS 66762
Toll Free: 888-702-3457
(620) 231-1598

Infrared Heating Technologies
2010 Hwy. 58, Suite 2120
Oak Ridge, TN 37830
Phone: (865) 574-9784
Fax: (865) 574-9793

Intech Servicesindustrial cure oven
Featuring Precision Quincy industrial cure ovens
211 Lake Drive, Ste. J
Neward, DE 1970
Phone: (302) 366-8530
Fax: (302) 366-8602


LaX Engineered Solutions LLC
Custom industrial ovens

S40 W24080 Rockwood Way
Waukesha , WI 53189
Phone: (262) 408-5583


Pneu-Mech Systems Mfg. LLCpowder coating cure oven
We build exactly the oven to match a customer’s process. Low or high temperature construction – continuous drying tunnel ovens – batch ovens – controlled air velocity – forced air ovens for powder or liquid paint.
201 Pneu-Mech Drive
Statesville, NC 28625
Phone: (704) 873-2475
Fax: (704) 871-2780


powder coating equipment installationPalmer Mechanical, LLC
Specializing in finishing equipment installation, finishing equipment removal and relocation, industrial oven modifications/repair, overhead monorail conveyor installation/repair.
2896 T.R.7
Brinkhaven, OH 43006
Phone: (330) 231-5415


PNEU-MECH Systems Mfg. LLCindustrial cure oven
Manufactures dryoff and cure ovens for powder coating. We are experienced in low and high temperature ovens utilizing gas, steam, electric, infrared, IR booster, burn off, UV and convection technologies.
201 Pneu-Mech Drive
Statesville, NC 28625
Phone:  (704) 873-2475
Toll free: 800-274-5724


Precision Quincy Corporationindustrial cure oven
Manufacturer of industrial ovens for any coating, curing, heating, or drying process.

483 Gardner Street
South Beloit, IL 61080
Phone: (302) 602-8738
Fax: (302) 366-8602


Radiant Energy Systems, Inc.
At the forefront in the design and construction of high quality process heating systems utilizing the latest in hot air ovens and infrared drying and curing technology.
175 N Ethel Avenue
Hawthorne, NJ 07506
Phone: (973) 423-5220


Rapid Engineering LLCpowder coating batch oven
Industrial process and finishing equipment consists of batch ovens, dry-off and cure ovens, custom ovens and custom finishing equipment.

1100 7 Mile NW
Comstock Park, MI 49321
Phone: (616) 784-0500
Fax: (616) 647-9892


Red Line Industries LTDpowder cure oven
Powder curing ovens
7 Kaliandas Udyog Bhavan, Prabhadevi
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400025
Phone: +91 22 2432 4737


SJS Incorporated
Powder coat batch ovens manufactured in modular sections so you can start small and add on as your capacity increases.
101 Industrial Park Drive
Arma, Kansas 66712
Phone: 620.347.8860
Fax: 620.347.8862


 SSM Industries llcindustrial cure oven
We manufacture a variety of quality gas-fired and electric Iidustrial cure ovens.

8553 West Chicago
Detroit, MI 48204
Phone: (313) 931-6880
Fax: (313) 931-1820


System Technologies, Inc.industrial cure ovens
Powder coating cure ovens
310 N. Mitthoeffer Road
Indianapolis, IN 46235
Phone: (317) 895-5970
Fax: (317) 895-5980


Trimac Industries, LLCpowder coat batch oven
Manufacturer of batch ovens & oven systems for the curing & drying needs of the powder coating

12601 Kaw Dr # C
Bonner Springs, KS 66012
Phone: (913) 441-0043




TTX, Inc.industrial cure oven
Our ovens feature aluminized steel interiors and exteriors with blowers, fans and ductwork sized for optimal air circulation.
1155 S. Neenah Ave.
Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235
Phone: (920) 743-6568
Fax: (920) 743-5486


Wisconsin Oven Corporationpowder coating batch oven
Industrial oven manufacturer for 40 years.   

2675 Main Street
East Troy, WI 53120
Phone:  (262) 642-3938
Fax: (262) 363-4018


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