Thermobond-3 Powder Coating Metal Repair Filler

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 Powder Coating Repair Filler

We have developed a Powder Coating filler that is a revolutionary product which will allow powder-coating applicators to repair parts with minor damage, pits, voids and other imperfections.
Thermobond-3 is easy to use. Simply heat product in the microwave for 15-20 seconds and stir until soft consistency. Then spread it on and bake it into place using the same cure cycle as a standard epoxy or polyester powder. Please see “applying Thermobond 3 page” on our website.
Surface Preparation: The surface must be clean, dry and free of wax, oil, grease and contamination. Lightly rough up the surface by sanding, wire wheel, or abrasive blast to enhance adhesion properties; and promote mechanical bonding. Standard in-line pretreatment systems such as iron or zinc phosphate are preferred. Thermobond–3 should never be applied over a damp, wet or contaminated surface.
Application: Using a clean gloved hand, press Thermobond-3 into cavity to be filled. Continue pressure on product for approximately 10 seconds. This allows product to conform to shape of cavity to be filled.
The part must then be heat cured.

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powder coating metal repair filler

powder coating filler
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Frequently asked Questions:

thermobond powder coating metal repair filler

Q: Can I coat over Thermobond-3 without first baking the finish to cure?
A: Yes – In some cases it is possible. After the surface is properly prepared, you can simply apply Thermobond-3 to the required area and coat over it. The problem however, is that the finish may be rough and require sanding. This method is generally used to fill minor gaps on parts that do not require a highly decorative finish. Testing should always be done prior to attempting to coat over the Thermobond-3 without curing, due to possible problems associated with certain chemistries of powder materials.

Q: What if I bake the filler too long or at too high of a temperature?
A: The filler may blister if the time and/or temperature are too extreme. Generally Thermobond-3 has an over-bake stability similar to that of most powder materials. Longer cure times at lower temperatures are recommended.

Please see technical data sheet. Testing is wise whenever the time and/or temperature listed on the technical data sheet are required.

Can I wet sand the filler to prepare the surface for powder coating?
No. Thermobond-3 must remain dry at all times. Wet sanding or solvent exposure will cause the filler to absorb moisture that will be released during the cure process of the powder and may cause out-gassing and blistering.

Q: Will Thermobond-3 air dry over time? Is heat the only way to make Thermobond-3 adhere?
A: Thermobond-3
will not air dry to a hard substance. Heat is required to cross-link the filler. Thermobond-3 is one-part, heat-cured filler that does not require a hardener or catalyst.
thermobond powder coating metal repair filler

Q: Can Thermobond-3 be applied and cured more than once to the same surface?
A: Yes, on deep cavities we recommend applying the product no more than ¼ inch thick at a time, then cure as normal. The next layer can be applied and cured until the desired look is achieved.

Q: What is the best way to store the Thermobond-3?
A: Thermobond-3 should be kept in the container and away from excessive heat during storage. Remember, this product is thermo-reactive, meaning it will cross link or change when exposed to temperatures above the reactive temperature of the raw materials. Store in a dry place between 65-75 degrees F.

Q: How can I make Thermobond-3 easier to work with? It seems to be a little hard when it’s cold.
A: Thermobond-3 may seem a bit hard when it’s cold. This can be corrected by placing the opened jar into a common microwave oven for 15-20 second intervals, not to exceed three intervals. Do not leave the product in the microwave oven longer than 20 seconds at a time as material may begin to cross-link and harden.

Curing Instructions:
Thermobond-3 Powder Filler must be cured by heat. Cure recommendations are as follows:
10 Minutes @ 375 degrees F surface temp.
07 Minutes @ 400 degrees F surface temp.
05 Minutes @ 425 degrees F surface temp.
Longer cure time at lower temperatures is recommended to allow the material to adhere properly to the substrate without blistering.
Thermobond-3 has proven to be a very effective way to bridge the gaps and voids when powder coating is to be applied as the final finish.

Thermobond-3 Powder Coating Metal Repair Filler

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