Revolutionary NEW Approach to Powder Coating

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Big paint line performance in a compact, lower cost system.
The Torrent System is designed for the fabricator that produces about 1-2 truck loads of product in one day/shift and wants all the cost and quality performance of a large paint system without the cost and foot print of a big system.

This patented approach to powder coating reshuffles current paint system technology, adds some new ideas and results in a truly new capability that has never before been available.


The core of this innovation is 3 new ideas:

1. A rotating carousel from which a broad range of product sizes and weights can be suspended. From many smaller parts to 1 or a few large parts. From light weight to up to 4,000 lbs.

2. A pretreatment enclosure that surrounds the slowly rotating carousel while 3-7 stage process chemistry is applied to the fabrications.

3. An indexing conveyor system that automatically moves each carousel through the painting process.

Here is how it works:

Rotating Carousel  
powder coating equipment
The heavy duty carousel supports product suspended from any of the many location points provided within and on the structure.

Removable clips assure that a good ground is provided for racks or hooks. The clips are easily removed and cleaned to keep the ground path effective.

A driven wheel is attached to the top of the carousel. When the carousel is located within either the pretreatment washer or the powder booth, a drive wheel is brought in contact with the driven wheel and slowly rotates the carousel (programmable to about ½ rpm) during the process.
The unique rotation of the carousel provides excellent impingement of pretreatment chemistry on all surfaces of your fabrications and presents the fabrications for easy, uniform paint application.

Pretreatment Washer powder coating equipment

The pretreatment washer advances the state of the art.
Here are its key features:

1. Each process tank/chemistry has its own pump, header, riser and nozzle assembly. No opportunity for cross contamination. Each riser has a unique, spring activated “dump” valve.

powder coating equipment
When pump pressure is stopped, a spring forces open a ball seal and all solution in each riser rapidly drains from the riser/header back to the process tank.

2. Fabrications are presented to the risers around the periphery of the enclosure at multiple angles so that impingement on the fabrication’s surfaces is much more direct than a monorail washer nozzle array.

powder coating equipment

3. A rotating distribution pan in the floor of the enclosure assures that all process fluids are returned to the correct tank. A pump cannot start until the distribution pan closes a proximity switch indicating that the return nozzle of the distribution pan is pointed at the correct tank.

You should expect minimum cross contamination of tanks. In fact, while conventional monorail washers typically require 3-5 gallons of makeup/discharge water/minute to keep rinse tanks clean, you can expect 3-5 gallons of make up every hour – 3 flushes of a bathroom fixture/hour. On a septic system? No problem.

4. The process is fully programmable. You can create a specific “recipe” for your specific parts.

– Have some parts that are difficult to drain? Program in extended dwell times for the drain back sequence for those parts.

– Have some very light parts that might be blown off the carousel? Program in reduced nozzle pressures through the VFD controlled pumps.

– Have some parts that are tough to clean? Program in an extended dwell time in the stage 1 cleaning cycle.

NONE of the above features are available in a conventional washer.

Indexing Conveyor

Moving product through the paint system is accomplished using an indexing conveyor.
Carousels are supported on a dual I beam rail system. Using dual rails assures that the carousel remains horizontal as you load, unload and rotate the carousel.
A third, drive rail with unique drive, stop and return attachments indexes the loads. The drive system has a “soft” start and stop feature to smoothly move each carousel.

Customer Support

This new capability comes with a range of hands on support.

• Operator training
• Chemical and powder vendor selection
• Remote tank monitoring – optional
• Programming for specific parts
• Scheduled maintenance

Call or email us for more information on this new approach to powder coating.
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