Powder Characteristics

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Powder coaters have a wide variety of types of powder coating powders to use. The characteristics of the different types of powder vary widely, as well.

Check this chart to see how your choice of powder performs relative to flexibility, adhesion, durability, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, VOCs, chemical and heat resistance, and cost.


Types of Powder Coating Powders

Powder Characterisctics

Standard Polyester

Enhanced   Polyester






Exterior Durability Good Excellent Very Poor Poor Good Excellent Excellent
Corrosion Resistance Good Good Excellent Good Good Good Good
Impact Excellent Poor Excellent Excellent Good Poor Excellent
Flexibility Excellent Good Excellent Excellent Good Good Excellent
Adhesion Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Poor
Cost Medium Medium / High Medium Low Medium High High
Film Appearance @ 50µ Good Very Good Good Good Excellent Good Poor
Volatile Emissions Very Low Very Low Very Low Very Low Low Very Low Very Low
Low Bake Yes No Yes Yes No Yes No
Chemical Resistance Good Good Excellent Very Good Good Very Good Good
Gloss Range 10-95% 20-95% 5-90% 5-90% 5-95% 30-90% 30-60%
Heat Resistance Very Good Good Poor Good Very Good Good Good
Abrasion Good Good Very Good Good Good Good Poor
Compatibility Good Good Good Good Good Very Poor Very Poor

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