How To Apply Clear Coat Powder Coating

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Many powder coaters struggle with how to apply a clear coat powder coating. The application can be a little tricky if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. Nobody wants rejects so here are the instructions, step by step.

Typically if you are coating with a gloss powder, the procedure is: Bake the base color you are going to clear coat over for about 50% of total cure time recommended.

Now to apply the clear can be tricky.

Back the volts down about 1/3rd, allow the piece to drop in temp to about 200deg F and apply the clear lightly until the piece has an even frosted look.

Be careful not to clump or lay the clear too heavy; it will have a tendency to sag.

Then cure at the normal rate and temp as recommended by the manufacturer.

This should give you a perfect clear coat finish.

Terry Peterson how to apply clear coat
Powder Coating Consultant

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