The Powder Coach’s Playbook: Mastering the Art of Powder Coating

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Dive into the dynamic world of powder coating with The Powder Coach’s Playbook: Mastering the Art of Powder Coating: A Comprehensive Guide to Succeeding in the Powder Coating Industry by Joey Golliver, the first (and only) powder coating reference book to address not only the process of powder coating, but also the administrative side of running a profitable powder coating operation.

In this comprehensive guide published March 28, 2024, Joey Golliver shares over 30 years of expertise, offering proven strategies and insider insights that have propelled him to the forefront of the powder coating realm. From his early days running powder coating systems to founding multimillion-dollar enterprises, Joey’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of knowledge and dedication.

powder coachs playbook

Discover how to increase revenue, reduce costs, and maximize profits with Joey’s practical, results-driven approach to business coaching. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, The Powder Coach’s Playbook provides clear, actionable advice that anyone can understand and implement.

Join the ranks of over 20,000 powder coaters worldwide who have benefited from Joey’s guidance. From CEOs to factory workers, The Powder Coach’s Playbook is your definitive guide to thriving in the powder coating business.

With a focus on innovation and excellence, Joey Golliver has reshaped the landscape of powder coating technology as the President and CEO of Powder-X Coating Systems. His name is synonymous with success, his expertise unmatched in the industry.

Grab your copy today – order from –  and embark on your journey to mastery with the one and only Powder Coach himself.

What makes this book different from the other powder coating how-to manuals is “Joey’s Notes” provides real world knowledge to book learning. Until now, this kind of invaluable advice and instruction was available only from Joey in the classroom environment at one of his monthly powder coating training classes. Now, you can benefit from his seemingly bottomless store of knowledge through The Powder Coach’s Playbook and from Joey’s new soon to be released Powder Coating for Profit on marketing a powder coating business. Watch for it!

The Powder Coach’s Playbook
Table of Contents

  • Who is The Powder Coach
  • Author’s Note: Before We Get Started…
  • What is Powder Coating?
  • Prep and Cleaning
  • Choosing the Right Powder
  • Choosing a Reliable Powder Coating Supplier for Your Business
  • The Vital Role of Grounding in the Powder Coating Process
  • The Significance of Clean and Dry Compressed Air in the Powder Coating Process
  • Exploring Powder Coating Application Units
  • A small investment in powder hoses
  • Comparing and Contrasting Tribo Charging and Corona Charging
  • Understanding Powder Coating Gun Settings
  • The Process of Powder Coating Application
  • The Faraday Cage Effect
  • Powder Curing
  • Advance Coating Considerations
  • Spraying Multiple Coats
  • Spraying Metal Flake Powders
  • Unlocking the Elegance of Wrinkle Powder Coatings
  • The Evolution and Success of a Powder Coating Job Shop
  • Crafting Your Legacy in Powder Coating

Order The Powder Coach’s Playbook HERE
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