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Powder Coating Systems
powder coating systems

SLIDERAIL SQUARE TRANSFER™ (SST®) Material Handling System

More than 30 years ago, Therma-Tron-X, industry leader in the manufacture of custom powder coating systems, built the first SLIDERAIL SQUARE TRANSFER™ (SST®) material handling system. This revolutionary system performs high-volume finishing operations in a fraction of the space needed for traditional monorail powder coating systems.

Parts index along a pair of low-maintenance slide rails rather than a chain conveyor. Racks of product are suspended from load bars which raise and lower in and out of the processing tanks simultaneously and move in unison through the finishing process thus minimizing material handling time.

All powder coating components are contained in one compact unit managed by a PLC and are custom built from the ground up for each individual powder coater.

The SST® Advantage:

  • Exceptional reduction in floor space (small footprint)
  • Significantly higher load density
  • Modular construction for fast installation and relocation
  • Ability to load/unload from stationary conveyor positions
  • Immersion and spray pretreatment capability
  • Less paint and chemical volume required for fills/dumps
  • Adjustable drain times
  • Tilting above and down in every stage
  • Bottom entry and exit ovens
  • Can be integrated with any conveyor system
  • Allows multiple processing without reduction of throughput

Click on the link below to watch the SST Slide Show:

SST® systm technology is exclusively available from TTX.
Contact a TTX sales engineer to learn more.

TTX Has several powder coating system options in addition to the SST®:

Contact a TTX sales engineer to learn more.

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