How to Avoid Orange Peel Effect When Powder Coating

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One of the most common quality issues with powder coating is an “orange peel” effect. Defined as an uneven texture of smooth finish products that resembles the skin of citrus fruit. The level of orange peel is visually determined by comparing to industry standards, typically the Powder Coating Institute (PCI) Visual Smoothness Standards ratings chart¹.

The expectations for what level of orange peel that is acceptable will vary by product.

orange peel powder coating

The chart below lists many of the possible causes of orange peel effect and corrective solutions.

orange peel powder coating

After curing, it is important to complete a visual check within the standard film thickness and compare it to the master panel of the finished product. Make sure it follows the PCI Visual Smoothness Standards as a guideline.

¹The PCI Powder Coating Visual Smoothness Standards are a set of ten panels showing the normal degrees of smoothness achievable with powder coatings. The panels are numbered one through ten with flow (orange peel) ratings. This item is available through the PCO Online Store.


Source: Tiger Drylac USA

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