VitaFlex Soft-stretch Hood

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VitaFlex Soft-stretch Hood

The Best Head Cover for Powder Coaters-
**** are 100% made in the USA****

powder coating head protection

There has been continuous advancement in almost all areas of the Powder Coating industry including personal protection equipment; however, almost no improvement has been made to the most basic safety needs for head protection.

Many workers continue to wear a dust mask and a baseball cap or even just a tee-shirt wrap while performing powder coating or spray painting. Any paint or powder overspray falling on the worker’s head, face, or neck will cause irritation and distraction. The time lost and the risk resulting from the exposure of the worker’s face to chemicals have been overlooked.

Powder coaters are finding the new VitaFlex Soft-stretch Hoods fit better, provide greater protection, and cost less.
They greatly improve comfort, safety, and job efficiency.

Go watch the VitaFlex YouTube Slide Show:

vitaflex PPE powder coating head protection

Nonwoven fabrics are a “breathable barrier” made by advanced fiber spinning technologies. They are thin, yet dense fiber-web material with ultrafine openings for air to flow through while maintaining particle filtration quality. They are commonly used for making air filters and surgical masks.

VitaFlex is the exclusive manufacturer to make nonwoven fabrics soft and stretchy, by using a unique technology globally co-patented by DuPont® and Dr. De-Sheng Tsai. This enables the soft-stretch hoods to be form-fitting while maintaining their breathable barrier quality.

To achieve barrier functionalities, the triple-layer structure of hoods is constructed with elastic fabrics each having distinct characteristics. The precursor nonwovens are sourced from the most advanced production lines of major providers in the southeastern states. The conversion and manufacturing processes are done in Burlington, North Carolina.

By using the latex-free elastic nonwoven fabric, many disposable products can be made without attaching latex-straps, and the automatic conversion VitaFlex developed is far less expensive than the conventional methods used overseas. This has revolutionized the manufacturing of low-cost safety products 100% made in the USA.

VitaFlex Soft-stretch Hood:

  • Securely covers the entire head and neck, allows for freedom of head movement, and
    retains Its comfortable fit
  • Has a breathable triple-layer fiber-web structure
  • Effectively blocks airborne particles, powder, dust, sparks, and overspray of paint
  • Compatible with OSHA Requirements

The VitaFlex Soft-stretch Hoods are 100% made in the USA.
Their raw materials are sourced in the Southeast States.
The rest of the manufacturing process is done in Burlington, North Carolina.
They cost less than other alternatives: only $.63 each in a bulk case of 400 hoods or $1.16 each in a pack of 50 hoods.

The shortfalls of conventional products:

  • The old spray socks allow overspray or drips to penetrate through them due to their “Porous Nature of Knitted Structure”. Most of them are made overseas, from low-grade, un-scoured cotton. They shed lint and are highly flammable. And they are expensive! cost $1.43-$2.47 ea!
  • Current protective coverall hoods are stiff and leave the neck and/or face exposed. While working, the hood easily pulls away to expose the wearer’s face. It hinders the wearer’s head movement and slows down their work efficiency.

Direct purchase can be made at VitaFlex E-Store
VitaFlex Contact: (888) 616-8848 Fax: (888) 806-4034

Click on the link below to watch the VitaFlex Slide Show:



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