Powder Coating Coverage Chart

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A Powder coating coverage chart is helpful in estimating the amount of powder needed to coat a given amount of surface area. It is very important to factor in the actual transfer efficiency that you will achieve. Estimators often find themselves scrambling to purchase more powder by not factoring in the correct transfer efficiency percentage.

powder coating coverage chart

For example, if the specific gravity of your powder = 1.6 and you plan to apply the powder at 2 mils the chart says that you will coat 60.1 square feet of area at 100% transfer efficiency. At 50% transfer efficiency only 30.05 square feet will be coated.

The Specific Gravity of powder is actually the ratio of the weight of a given volume of powder to the weight of an equal volume of wate. Transfer Efficiency is the ratio of the powder coating actually deposited on the substrate as compared to the amount directed at the parts to be coated.

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