Used Powder Coating Equipment

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Used Powder Coating Equipment 

Shopping reconditioned, refurbished and used powder coating equipment is a great way to get good quality equipment and spend a fraction of what the new item(s) would cost you. Be sure to check the Classifieds” List of Used Powder Coating Equipment For Sale or Trade at the bottom of the page.

Click HERE or Scroll down for a list of Used Powder Coating Equipment
 used powder coating equipment for saleNew & Used…
Powder Coat Equipment
Powder Coat Guns
Washers-Batch & Multi Stage
Ovens-Curing, Dry off, Burn off
Spray Booths-Wet & Dry
see our used equipment list
    used powder coating equipment
 used powder coating systems for sale     
 25 years in Business!!
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powder coating equipment


Used & Reconditioned
Finishing Systems

Home to the world’s largest pre-owned inventory of powder coating and paint line equipment,

The world’s largest inventory of used Powder Coating and Ecoating equipment

American Industrial Used Equipment Sales
Phone: (920) 361-5208
Fax: (920) 361-2982

used powder coating equipment

used powder coating equipment

1721 Gateway Ct.
Elkhart, IN 46514
Phone: 574-266-4434 — Fax: 574-262-5296


KoteQuip provides economical, effective powder coating & paint finishing solutions to all types of manufacturers of any size.

KoteQuip’s extensive selection offers:

New Equipment
Used Equipment
Reconditioned Equipment
Fluidized Bed

Check out Torrent Systems  – A Revolutionary Approach to Powder Coating

used powder coating equipmentPreferred Coatings, LLC

Used Powder Coating Equipment

Coatings Etc.
Used Powder Coating
212 Fairway Isles Lane
Bradenton, FL 34212
Phone: (941) 251-4976
Cell: (231) 499-3864
Fax: (941) 251-4977

Contact: Neil Barnett



good powder coating equipment used for sale


Quality Used Powder Coating Equipment
and Finishing Systems
Mentor, OH

 (440) 477-2991

 used powder coating equipment

Powder-X Coating Systems, LLC

Toll Free: 888-326-4840

Contact: Joey Golliver/Owner

The leader in the powder coating industry,
Powder-X is your # 1 source for all your
powder coating equipment and training needs.

Monthly hands-on training classes

Used Powder Coating Equipment

Access Used Furnaces
We refurbish, buy, sell and broker a variety of industrial furnaces, ovens, and kilns and used industrial finishing systems.

62 High Street
Carroll, OH 43112
Phone/Fax: (740) 756-7676

CoatSmart USA
23215 Highway 113
Wilmington, IL 60481
Phone: (779) 279-2407

The world’s leading provider of used equipment and instrumentation, proactive asset management services and solutions for large and small corporations, and equipment and machinery appraisal services.
5 Dan Road’
Canton, MA 02021
Toll free: 888-371-6555
Phone: (781) 821-3482
Fax: (617) 671-1269

Handy Engineering, LLC
Quality Used Powder Coating Equipment
1969 Seymore Drive
Acworth, GA 30101
Phone: (770) 422-0028

Harris – Baum, Inc.used powder coat equipment
wide range of high quality used powder coating equipment

3211 E. Eloika Lake Rd
Deer Park, WA 99006
Toll free: 866-227-8262



KoteQuipused powder coating systems
Large inventory of used powder coating equipment

1721 Gateway Ct.
Elkhart, IN 46514
Phone: (574) 266-4434
Fax: (574) 262-5296

Palmer Mechanical LLCpowder coating equipment installation
Specializing in finishing equipment installation, finishing equipment removal and relocation, industrial oven modifications/repair, overhead monorail conveyor installation/repair.

2896 T.R.7
Brinkhaven, OH 43006
Phone: (330) 231-5415


reconditioned powder coating equipment
Powder Booth Restoration Co.
plus Used Equipment Sales, Reconditioned Powder Coating Equipment
2824 Bartells Drive
Beloit WI 53511
Phone: (608) 362-2200
Fax: (608) 362-2202

Surplus Coatingssurplus powder coatings
We are on the front lines of recycling powder coatings, helping manufacturing facilities become landfill-free. From the large manufacturing facility to the hobby shop down the road, our goal is to show that “Every Pound Matters”!
2825 17 Mile Rd Suite C
Kent City, MI 49330
Phone: (616) 952.0032

Used Equipment WANTED or FOR SALE/ trade
Click here to list your used equipment
Listing is free in most cases
or call Liz for more information: 256-837-1490

Slocum Used Equipment for sale 888-310-2680 -updated 2/6/18

Powder Coating Guns / Accessories
324: Nordson Gun Pumps 
450: Ingersoll-Rand Air Compressor and Air Dryer 

554: Gema Booth Mount Guns with Controllers
590: Wagner EPG 2007 Box Feed System
591: Wagner EPG – CB Guns with Controllers / Booth Mount
592: Wagner 200# Hopper
593: ICAFe 15 # Hopper
596: Nordson Feed Center
597: Nordson iControl
598: Nordson Light Curtain
599: Nutro Reciprocators
600: Nordson Encore Automatic Powder Guns
603: Gema Optiflex 2 Booth Mount Gun and Controller
604: Nordson NHR-2-80 Hopper

Powder Coating Booths
582: Gema Smart Booth
584: Deimco Powder Booth
588: Gema Diamond Series Powder Booth
589: Nordson CK Powder Booth
594: Nordson CK Powder Booth
601: Global Finishing Solutions Batch Powder Booth

Powder Coating Ovens
550: Steelman Batch Oven
562: Electric Batch Oven
569: Ciscan IR Cure Oven

Turn-Key Powder Coating Systems
474: 7 Stage Powder Coating System 
519: 3 Stage Powder Coat System
558: Batch Powder Coating System
595: 2 Stage Powder Coating System

585: LS Blast System
602: Global Finishing Solutions Burn Off Oven Washer

More Used Powder Coating Equipment for sale
2/9/18  FOR SALE:  Powder coating line includes 400′ of overhead conveyor complete with conveyor, floor supports, drive motor, lube unit, controller, and chain. + 3 stage wash unit that is 46′ long, + 14′ dry off oven with both IR and forced air heat as well as fans,  +  14′ powder spray booth with reverse pulse filter system,  + 28′ forced air cure oven with all the existing furnace ducting and vent pipes. This line is in use and can be seen operating.  For more info contact Darren   GC Custom Metal Fabrication, Alberta, Canada
1/25/18  FOR SALE:   Fluidized Media Stripping System  Basket size 4’9” X 3’3” X 2’6”  Teknicote, Inc.
1/22/18  FOR SALE:  Three Used IR Ovens  Opening Size: 3’W x 5’3”   Syntec Systems  
1/3/18  FOR SALE:  Nordson Excel 2003 Powder Booth   KoteQuip
1/3/18  WANT TO BUY: Large powder coat curing oven and enclosed conveyor. Aprox 20’x 80’  w/ gas burner. Call Tom 616-262-7396
12/31/17  FOR SALE:  Used 5 Stage Stainless Steel Washer. 21 FPM. Opening is 4’W x 5’H. Contact Craig Collins  262-206-0212   Syntec Corp.
12/15/17  FOR SALE:  Col-Met Batch Powder Booth, Model Number: PB-06-07-05, Interior Dimension: 6’W x 7’H x 5’L, Exterior Dimension: 6’4″ W x 12’H x 8’6″L, Total CFM: 4,200, Fan Specs: 24″ 2H. Contact
12/15/17  FOR SALE:  RAPID Batch Oven, Model Number: 666, Opening: 6’ W x 6’ H x 6’ L, Exterior Dimension: 8’6″ W x 8’H x 8’L, Total weight: 6,000lb,  Burner box Dim 5.4 x 3.7 x 7.2 ft, Burner box weight: 1,300lb, Gas Burner output:300 Btu/h x 1000. Contact
11/15/17  FOR SALE:  Powder Paint Booth plus Gas IR Oven and 2 powder containers. This equipment also includes Carousel Conveyor, 3 Powder Paint Guns & fire system. Equipment will be shipped from Mission Texas. Pictures available. Contact Angel Torres  Commscope, Mexico
10/4/17  FOR SALE: Powder coating equipment never used:  Skat Blast Blasting Cabinet, Powder Coating Spray Gun, Powders, Hooks, Plugs and 2 Stainless Steel Coffee Cup & Wine Glasses. Oven 4x4x6, Spray Booth 8x8x4, Suppression System, Air hoses, Dryers, Prseeure gauges, Case of Stainless Steel Cups by Axis, Ingersoll 2 Stage 60 Gallon Compressor. Have pictures of everything. Contact Jeremiah McDaniel 941-735-8851 or
9/26/17  FOR SALE:  New Rock Wool oven insulation, 2″ x 2″ x 4′ , 48 sq. ft. per bundle, (58) bundles available.  Contact Neil Barnett @ or 231-499-3864 Preferred Coatings
9/26/17  FOR SALE:  Used W.C.Grant fan and burner house, 15 h.p., 123″ H. x 166″ W. x 88″ D., Maxon 425 burner, will support a 10′ x 15′ x 35′ oven.  Contact Neil Barnett @ or 231-499-3864 Preferred Coatings
9/20/17  HURRY!:  Used Powder Coating Equipment. Includes 8’x8’x10′ Oven, two 8’x’8’10’ Spray Enclosures, Fire System, Refrigerated Air Dryer, CNC Machine, more!!   Contact Adam Smith 601-754-0760 or  Smith Bros
9/20/17  FOR SALE:  New washer pump. Gusher 7600 series, 52 heavy duty, with stainless steel shaft and impeller. 20 hp Baldor motor.  Contact Neil Barnett @ or 231-499-3864 Preferred Coatings
9/20/17  FOR SALE:  Environmental Room with lights, air conditioner and structural steel. 29′ x 40′ x 12′ H. Contact Neil Barnett @ or 231-499-3864 Preferred Coatings
9/20/17  FOR SALE:   Nordson 6 gun automatic with (3) collectors and sieves. Product opening 24″ W.x 27″ H. Contact Neil Barnett @ or 231-499-3864 Preferred Coatings
9/20/17 FOR SALE:  Used 4″ conveyor chain, open/open, trolleys on 24″ centers, 7 3/16″ drop  – 3,200 ft. available.  Contact Neil Barnett @ or 231-499-3864   Preferred Coatings
9/20/17 FOR SALE:  4 used 15,000 CFM powder collectors.  Contact Neil Barnett @ or 231-499-3864   Preferred Coatings
9/20/17 FOR SALE:  2 used oven control panels.  Contact Neil Barnett @ or 231-499-3864   Preferred Coatings
9/20/17 FOR SALE:  Used dry-off oven 30 ft. overall length with 30″ entrance and exit air seals. Product opening is 36″ W. x 60″ H. 1.5 m btu’s. Will ship on one piece. Top mounted burner box.  Contact Neil Barnett @ or 231-499-3864   Preferred Coatings
9/20/17 FOR SALE: Used Nordson colormax powder booth with (4) automatics, (1) manual gun, (2) reciprocators and powder feed system. Product opening  18″ W. x 48″ H.  Contact Neil Barnett @ or 231-499-3864   Preferred Coatings
9/20/17 FOR SALE:   4,000 ft. of 458 (4″) conveyor chain for sale, including drives turns and takeups. Contact Neil Barnett @ or 231-499-3864  Preferred Coatings
9/19/17  FOR SALE in India:  Spray booth with recovery unit 2 nos, oven, compressor, spray gun. Contact METACOAT, Tamilnadu, India:  phone 9444950983, email
9/5/17  FOR SALE:  Washer: dual entry 6 stage pass-through washer.  8fpm. Dual openings at 2’-6” wide x 3’-0” tall with control box boilers and plate and frame heat exchangers. Contact Craig Collins 262-206-0212  email:  Syntec Systems
7/10/17  FOR SALE:  Powder Coating Oven. Hoffman 8’H x 10’W x 8’Deep inside. Gas fired 2 door with timer 5 re-circulations per minute. Fitted extras internal light & auto timer. Melbourne, Australia. Contact Russell Rayner  phone: 0402222962  Polynyl Plastics
6/27/17  FOR SALE:  Used Nordson Horizon 400 Powder Coating System. Complete with Versa Spray II IPS 2 gauge Coat Control Unit,  4 Versa Spray Automatic Powder Guns, 3 Gema PGC Powder Control Unit (2 Gema Automatic Guns),  2 Quick-Change Manifolds + much more. Located in Atlanta. $45,000 OBO. Contact Damon Carson  303-321-1471 or  
5/20/17  FOR SALE:  Closing shop. Must sell everything!  6’x12′ Heavy Duty HPIR Pressure Island Wash Station. New in 2001.  Very light usage cleaning electronics. Paid$45,000 ( $29,995 plus $15,000 evaporator). All SS, includes the oil skimmer and and ozone generator. I have any pictures you need. It is a very clean unit. Asking $15,000. We also have the waste water evaporator that pairs with the wash station that we are selling separately or can include in a package deal. located in San Leandro, California 94577. Ask us about add’l equipment we have for sale i.e., a 6’x6′ Pressure Island unit and an ADF Systems Spray Booth. Contact Jason Kohler 510-376-4620 or   Restoronics, Inc
5/9/17  FOR SALE:  600 to 800 ft of 3″ I beam conveyor chain with drive and take up unit and also corner turns, one high temp oven wheel all in very good condition. Would like an offer for it all. Call, email or text Jesse at 519-588-2440 or  J M Lahman Mfg
5/5/17  FOR SALE:  TTX Immersion Pretreatment System.  Zinc Phosphate conversion process. Kotequip
5/4/17  FOR SALE:   3″ conveyor components, 142 ft. of rail, drive, takeup, (3) 2′ R turns, (3) 42″ dia. 90 degree turns. Contact Neil Barnett @ or 231-499-3864 Preferred Coatings
5/4/17  FOR SALE:   Rockwool insulation 2″ thick x 2′ x 4′, 80 sq. ft. per bundle. (58) bundles available.  Contact Neil Barnett @ or 231-499-3864 Preferred Coatings
4/30/17 WANTED TO BUY: Excess Thermoplastic Powder Coating, specifically Thermoclad SDG 1-LT, or something very close to it. If you have something on your shelf close to what we need  please contact Tom Adams 510-843-5277 or  Adams & Chittenden Scientific Glass
4/19/17  FOR SALE: Used 4 Stage SS Washer. Product opening is 42″W. x 72″H. 10 FPM. Contact Neil Barnett @ or 231-499-3864   Preferred Coatings
3/23/17  FOR SALE: Gas Infrared oven. Exterior dimensions 36 ‘long x 7’ wide x 9 ‘high. Part openings 42 ” wide x 60 ” high. Eratec high intensity infrared reactors 4 350,000 BTU each. 20 Vulcan average intensity of 60,000 BTU each. Powder coated steel housing. Galvanized steel internal wave reflectors. Gas trains (2) 1.50 ” complete including valves, Honeywell motorized valves, control zones, etc. Complete safety equipment according to CSA requirements. Full control panel including NEMA 4-12 enclosure, main circuit breaker, load and control fuses, magnetic motor starters, etc. Exhaust fan (2) of 2,500 cfm, engine 2.0 hp, 575 volts. Exhaust (2) of 10 ” diameter. Contact Hugo Letarte 418-841-5572 or
3/20/17  FOR SALE:  Blastroom. Vacuum recovery sweep-in floor with all components less enclosure. 4 cubic foot pot. Hi-vac recovery fan with absolute filter system. Enclosure air change fan with absolute filter system. Auto blow down enclosure cartridge filter. One operator suit. Two each operator air support pumps. 100 CFM rotary compressor Rubber lined reclaimer. FOB Redwood City, CA,  Price $12,000.00. Call for details 650-218-4864 leave your phone #.  ACS Engineered Systems
2/2/17 FOR SALE:  458 Conveyor System.  1,600′ of 4″ type 458 conveyor with trolleys on 2′ centers. Kotequip
2/2/17 FOR SALE:  Environmental Room.  44’w x 88′ l x 14’h, roll up door, air conditioning. Kotequip
1/30/17 FOR SALE:  Large lot of oven panels, booth panels and misc. Nordson controllers and manual spray gun parts.  Located in Northern CA. E-mail for pictures or questions
1/25/17 WANTED TO BUY:    Used RW style chain 600 ft, Let us know the price please. 905-696-0026 or in Canada
1/7/17 FOR SALE:   Powder Coating Conveyor System Package. Upgrade your shop from batch processing to automated processing easily and very affordably. Two-part package include large oven plus conveyor and Wagner booth. Contact Larry Savage  574-262-0224.  KoteQuip
FOR SALE:  Quality used robots available from Robotech Automation
FOR SALE:  LOTS of Used Powder Coating Equipment for sale- CLICK this link for a current list of used and reconditioned coating equipment  American Industrial Systems 

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